Caring for Your Glasses

Your glasses are a personalized expression of yourself (that also allow you to see!) We want to help you keep them in pristine condition for as long as possible. Follow these tips for keeping your glasses in great condition.

The Do's and Don'ts of Glasses

  • Do keep your glasses in a protective case when not wearing (if it's not on your face, it goes in the case!) This will help prevent accidental breakage.
  • Don't set your glasses face down on any surface.
  • Do use an approved glasses cleaner (preferably one that is approved for anti-reflective coatings) and microfiber cloth to clean your glasses. Need a bottle of cleaner? We have you covered!
  • Don't use Windex or any other harse window/glass cleaner, as this can damage your lenses.
  • Don't use your shirt, sleeve, paper towel, napkin, etc. to clean your glasses, especially when the lenses are dry. Doing so can cause scratches in the lenses!
  • Do put on and take off your glasses with both hands. This will help keep them in proper adjustment.
  • Do visit us regularly to have your glasses inspected! We will check adjustments and make sure all screws are properly tightened.
  • Do remember, lenses are scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof. Glasses are also meant to be replaced every one to two years.

Warranty Information

All of our frames have a one year warranty against manufacturer defects, and all of our lenses with a premium anti-reflective coating have a one year warranty against hairline scratches or peeling. Anything outside of this is not covered.

We also offer a one year extended warranty for $100, which gives a one time protection on both frame and lenses against normal wear and tear, accidental breakage, anything except loss or theft.